How to Study-Practice Scales: Solfege Ear Training

Reading and singing the Solfege syllables out loud is a very effective way to internalize the unique sound-feeling of each note in a musical scale. Here are are some suggested patterns for doing so, using the Bb Major Scale as an example…

Sing the scale as Solfege syllables LINEARLY, ascending…


and descending…

Tip: It is absolutely essential that you sing out loud.

Sing the scale as Solfege syllables in a Do-X-Do pattern, ascending…


and descending…


Tip: At first, it’s okay to play the notes on the piano as you sing, but the ultimate goal is to be able to hear-feel each note in your mind’s ear without help from your instrument.

Sing the scale as Solfege syllables in BROKEN THIRDS, ascending…


and descending…


Tip: It is critically important that you play and sing these studies slowly enough to allow the sound-feelings to make an impression on your mind’s ear.

Sing the scale as Solfege syllables in TRIPLETS, ascending…


and descending…


Tip: Do not try to hear the interval between successive notes. It’s okay if you do, but be receptive to the unique sound-feeling of each note with respect to the key center Do.

Sing the scale as Solfege syllables in DIATONIC TRIADS, ascending…


and descending…


Tip: Other patterns are possible as well.  At that point your time is better spent going right to the kinds of music that you want to play for your study-practice material.

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